Temple Tears

A bouncing but dark groove is what can be described as a signature of Temple Tears. Dark and uplifting, atmospheric and full of energy, as if his music comes from another place. There surely is a little drip of melancholy here and there – one may say a little tear – but it‘s not necessary to be patient for that long. Be sure, the next powerful bassline is just on its way.

In 2020, the french Artist released his debut EP on LOKD – a label well known as home of Avem & Arutani. Spotted by Kater Blau queen Mira he followed up with his Mangrove EP on Kiosk ID. A release that turned out to become a door opener for Kiosk‘s bigger brother, the infamous Katermukke, where he placed two tracks as Mycelium EP. Some more releasing labels are Down. Records, Crépite, Underyourskin Records, Akumandra and Rebellion der Träumer where he appeared on compliations or as a remix artist.

Last summer was the kickstart of his new live-set, which he performed at Fusion 2023 for the very first time.

Temple Tears can already be seen as an electronic music veteran: Before his project was born in the desert of Nevada – Burning Man – he already was an internationally touring Artist for more than 10 years.

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