Heimlich Knüller

Heimlich Knüller is one of the few dj’s from Berlin you can call a highquality constant for years.

As grandmaster of festivals, tireless treasure hunter & pearl diver, connaisseur of music, prince of track selection, sun dancer and herald of mirth his reputation precedes him: Wether as resident dj at Kater Blau, Sisyphos, Salon zur wilden Renate, Rummelsbucht or even at festivals like Fusion, Melt! or Garbicz: His excessive sets can only be described as „total enlightment“ and everybody who didn’t listen to him yet missed something really essential: Music from the bottom of the heart for your body and mind!

By the way Heimlich Knüller is also one of the one hundred most beautiful DJs at all, active member of Bachstelzen, Freudentaumel and Feines Tier collectives.

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