Ciao 3lla

Out of the blue, Ciao 3lla takes you out to your local village disco’s twisted twin. Back in her youth, the rolling beats of Aphex Twin, Crystal Castles or Disclosure caught her attention, which led to an everlasting enthusiasm for electronic music – and, in 2016, to the delicate move behind the decks.

Originally from the geographical heart of Germany, the now Berlin-based indie dance and dark disco artist continues to be part of the hedonistic scene as a resident there of the famous colorful Kabinett der Kuriositäten – the same place where she learned to dance many years ago. In addition, she participates as a festival costume and stage designer for Berlin’s Schrottpourri collective and for the FLINTA*-empowering, queer-feminist SPA_Kollektiv.

In 2022 the Europe-wide booked, queer artist also discovered electronic music production and created together with LÀSKA a musical duo with live sung vocals.

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