Bryan Kessler

Following energetic releases on labels such Coméme, Numbers, Pets, Trick, Me Me Me and Innervisions, Bryan lunched his own label Do the taboo at the end of 2022. First release was his massive club hit Team Closing.

Alongside his residency at Club Gewölbe in Cologne and his club series ‘Do the taboo’, Bryan is constantly on touring world wide. He single-handedly hosts street gigs by going out into the streets of Metropolises, performing in front of pedestrians and turning his show into a major party. When he’s not in the midst of performing, Bryan Kessler can be seen pasting poems to house walls or producing other artists, as he is not only known for being the producer of his own music but is also sought after for productions in a great variety of genres.

Additional to his work as a producer, loved by big names like Dixon or Gerd Janson, Roi Perez among others he loves collaborating with other creatives such as the DJ’s Pareja, Christian S, Mamacita and others. Bryan Kessler has a distinct and consistent sound and a very evident artist personage, always wanting to provoke, hit a nerve and create something individual while simultaneously stepping up his game, reinventing himself, knowing no limits and yet still keeping a common theme.

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